Lionel Dumas Perini


Documentary film maker in Corsica


Documentary and corporate film director, born and raised in Bastia, Corsica.
Currently (2022) working on a documentary film about Pasquale Paoli , enlightened hero of the 18th century in Corsica.

Lionel is a camera operator and licensed drone operator.

Mainly working with Pimento Prod , Intervista Prod, and Mareterraniu.

Documentary films for France Television and Vice TV.

Documentary films

Behind Ste Claire Prison Walls

Former inmates told us about the life behind Corsica most famous prison, closed in the 90s.

Released 2021
France 3 Corse - Via Stella
Co-directed with Michele Don-Ignazi

Saint Claire Prison 1 - Documentary

RN 193

Life and History of Corsican National Road 193, the island Route 66.

2021- Vice TV
2019 - France TV

RN 193 - Documentary

Corsican Language,
the Last Hope ?

How does a last bunch of people and non-profit organization try to save the Corsican language ?


2020 - Via Stella

Lingua Corsa - Documentary


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